Dog Kennel accessories

If you want to buy an indoor dog house made of plastic or wood, it is advisable to complement it with a comfortable accessory. Indeed, this will prevent your dog from lying directly on the hard floor of the doghouse.

Thus, you will place a cushion, a floor mat or a plaid in the doghouse so that your four-legged friend can take comfortable naps. You will find in our stores many models of cushions and mattresses or rugs and throws.

Among the existing cushions and mattresses, you will have the choice in shapes, sizes, thicknesses and materials… The main thing is, of course, that the accessory is adapted to the size of the niche! You can opt for an oval or rectangular cushion, in padded fabric, cotton or polyester and wadding, plush, suede…

In addition, there are also mats, which are usually a little thinner than a cushion or mattress, but enough for your dog’s comfort. Usable on any floor, so you can also place them in a niche if the size is suitable.

Another choice is to complete the niche with a plaid. This can be a good solution that will suit both your dog for the cozy side and you for the practical side! Indeed, fleece throws (polyester) are very easy to wash. Plaids are also multifunctional since you can use them to protect a sofa, an armchair or the seats of your car from your pet’s hair.

Get your dog used to his kennel

As stated earlier, your dog should be able to go to his doghouse on his own. Also, it must be attractive for him and constitute a safe place. Comfort is the first criterion that will attract him. A cozy niche, with a padded cushion or a plaid will encourage him to come and rest there.

In addition, to attract him to his niche, you can place his comforter or one of his favorite toys inside. Having his cuddly toy with him will reassure him!

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Also, the location of the niche can be important. If it is in a place where there is a lot of activity, your dog will tend to leave its kennel to take part in these activities… Conversely, if it is in a place that is too isolated, the small animal will feel left out and, again, will want to come out and join you. So the ideal is a location where there will not be constant passages but where he can still feel your presence.

At first, you will accustom him to going to his dog crate furniture after a good physical exercise: walk or play session. Your little pooch will be happy to rest there! If he doesn’t go spontaneously to his doghouse, entice him with his favorite treat or comforter. In any case, do not force him to enter his niche if he does not want to. With patience and positive prompting, he will discover that his niche can be his little home