How to Choose Rattan Garden Furniture

The best type of furniture that you can use outdoors and indoors is rattan. The best thing is that rattan furniture comes in a variety of styles. You can choose from traditional dining sets or modern outdoor sofa sets.

Rattan refers to nearly 600 species that are native to tropical regions in Africa, Asia and Australasia. Rattan is an example of a long vine that matures only in tropical parts. Rattan canes are used to make outdoor furniture. They are then cut into manageable parts and steam dried to soften them rattan garden furniture.

To give the furniture an authentic look, frames of solid teak have been used with rattan weaves. This combination is particularly durable and resilient, especially in warm climates where rattan thrives naturally. The original teak frame has been replaced by a powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminum framework. This makes it more suitable for climates such as the U.K.

Rattan furniture can be maintained easily and is more durable than softwood or hardwood garden furniture sets. Rattan lasts for years without losing its colour or strength. Easy cleaning, dust and dirt can be removed easily with a pressure washer or a garden hose. To do any minor cleaning, you can simply wipe the surface with a damp towel. Rattan has the ability to withstand all elements of the environment, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Rattan can be used for any purpose, as it is both lightweight and strong. Rattan furniture has a soft texture that makes it safe for children. Rattan garden furniture has a long life span and is much more affordable than solid wood.

The following information will help you choose the right rattan outdoor furniture for your needs. The rattan stem’s diameter will indicate its quality. A 1 inch diameter stem will indicate a sturdy stem, and therefore a quality piece. The texture of rattan must be smooth, with no hairy strands sticking out.