Muscle Mass Supplements

Let me clear the air about supplements and all their flashy advertisements before I go on to tell you which kind of supplements would help take you closer to your aims and in this article I’ll be focusing particularly on muscle mass supplements since this is what most people are going for.

Firstly, let me drill the fact into you that you will Labrada mass gainer not become Ronnie Coleman just by taking BSN supplements or similarly Jay Cutler if you use MuscleTech’s product. Such bodybuilders are full time athletes dedicating their life to the sport itself, not to mention the fact that they are genetically so gifted in this specific department.

Secondly, do not ever think of such supplements as meal replacements/substitutes. Even though your supplement might contain more protein/carbohydrates than in your normal food intake diet, do NOT think of it as a meal replacement. If you ever do, you’re just wasting the world’s supply of bodybuilding supplements.

Alright, so what kind of supplements are there out there in the market which helps build muscle mass? You see muscle mass supplements come under an amazing array of products. Anything that helps you put on muscle mass that is. This includes whey protein powder, mass gainers, creatine, testosterone boosters and many others so to speak.

If you’ve just started out and you find it difficult to put on muscle mass, I recommend increasing your daily calorie intake with the help of mass gainers. Mass gainers like its name suggests, aims to help pack on the pounds to your frame. Do take not that most mass gainers are intensified with sugar to give you the extra calories and be prepared because a serving is rather large but still, do follow the directions stated for the best results.

If you’ve been hitting the gym quite frequently and mass gainer hasn’t really helped you much, I suggest that you go ahead and try creatine. This is one of the most studied muscle mass supplements in the industry because of the amazing results it promises and boy it’s true.

Ever since millions of dollars were pumped into the study of creatine, it has constantly been revolutionised and improved on and we consumers definitely stand to gain from this. There are many different types of creatine out there such as ethyl ester creatine and creatine monohydrate etc. As of yet, it is still difficult to tell which type of creatine would best suit you. Do not be afraid to try them though as I’m positive that all creatine helps pack on muscle mass with the right workout and diet plans.

Moving on to the most common muscle mass supplement- the protein powder. Many are your usual run-over-the-mill kind of protein but there are 2 that I would like to comment on. Would also like to thank BSN and Optimum nutrition for coming out with True Mass and the 100% Whey Gold Standard respectively which in my very own opinion, takes the cake in terms of effectiveness and taste.