Polo Work Shirts for Women

A women’s polo shirt uniform is a popular choice for chefs, servers, housekeepers and other service personnel. Often a different polo shirt color is worn to designate between types of service employees. For example, a waitress might wear a blue polo shirt while a housekeeper wears a brown one.

Polo shirts can also be chosen based on personal graphic long sleeve t shirt color preference. An employer may decide on a certain style shirt and allow employees to pick their favorite color. From stripes to solids to designs, there are all types uniform shirts to choose from.

Polo work shirts for women are attractive, versatile and available in various colors and designs. Since most of a person’s time is spent at work, uniform shirts should be easy to wash and wear with a flattering feel. Polo shirts made specifically for women are tailored to fit their body shape perfectly. Unisex and “one size fits all” shirts that hang loosely and don’t fit a female figure properly.

With short and long sleeved designs, polo shirts are also season-spanning. Many uniform shirts are made from a cotton/polyester blend that breathes. The moderate weight is perfect for year-round wear. An apron over the polo shirt completes the look for hardworking kitchen staff. Make sure the apron has plenty of pockets for storing essential cooking implements and other tools.

Many work shirts for women include embroidery or monogramming to identify the employee by name and position. Embroidery and detailing are customized in colors to compliment the uniform work shirt and company business logo. Some employers may even let you choose a feminine design or logo of your own.

Often work shirts are made in colors to coordinate with work women’s chef pants and work pants. Updated pants designs for women include houndstooth with personalized embroidery and monogramming. Most work pants feature a covered elastic waist for total comfort when bending and moving at work. Slash pockets give workers another place to keep important items while working. An easy-going fit makes women want to wear these pants at work and beyond.

Women’s uniforms come in an array of sizes and shapes. Polo shirts are available in long and short lengths to accommodate every figure type and preference. Sizes ranging from small to 4X make it possible to fit every female employee with an appropriate uniform.