Utilizing the Storage Space in Kitchen Sink Cabinets

If you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors, you have several options for the kind of wood used on your cabinets. Several companies provide extensive options online for you to customize the cabinets of your dreams. Prior knowledge of some key cabinet products and facts will help you make your choice.

The first thing to consider is whether or not your white cabinets supplier can custom build your cabinet doors. Ordering online custom made cabinet doors is not expensive and eliminates the middle man in the process. By custom making the cabinets, you will avoid working with a warehousing supply company. The consumer can save a third off the original price by using custom made cabinet doors that do not require a wholesale distributor and local kitchen dealer. Also, most custom cabinet doors are environmentally friendly since craftsmen can create your doors in an ecologically safe way instead of ordering and shipping out traditional solid wood doors.

Second, you will want to consider the style of the cabinet door. A contemporary look for cabinet remodeling is the also called European style. Aesthetically, this style is beautiful and offers the handcrafted design desired when ordering custom cabinets. The style is very durable and will not fade in a way like a trend. European style cabinets are popular around the world.

Third, you want to think about the type of wood used for your doors. If you are working with the European contemporary style, then certain woods will work better than others. Woods such as oak are universal. However, rarer woods such as ebony, zebrawood and rosewood work great with modern style European cabinets. Whatever the type of wood chosen, it is important to know that these woods will not be laminated. According to Italian tradition, the wood is a real wood veneer.

The veneer can be applied in two different ways. One way is to apply this veneer on the front of the door and its sides. This is called a single faced cabinet door. On the other hand, applying veneer on every side of the wood creates a double faced cabinet door. Once you figure out what kind of veneer door you want, you should decide on the type of finish you want. Some excellent choices for finishes are clear coating or a high gloss lacquer. There are pros and cons to each type of finishing. Clear coatings help protect the wood color from fading and are usually thinner so you can still feel the wood on the door. A high gloss lacquer adds three layers of varnish, which helps give the cabinets a more reflective look while minimizing the wood feel. Depending on your personal preferences, both finishes look great with the European style veneers.