Your new Fashion Blog is Definitely Deserving of a Top Name! These Are 5 Ideas!

We all dream of having an own blog about fashion. A space where our ideas fly, a space where we can show our vision to the world and show we are the most successful ever!

We know precisely what our blog will appear and, perhaps the content we’ll be writing on it, knowing that there it will not be a problem to find captivating writing. In fact, we’re confident that we’ll be unable to stop writing! personal blog

But first we require the name.

What’s more simple than that, you think? But then, doubts begin to appear. Blogs are just like children. We’d like to provide them with the most unique names, but we’re worried that they’ll be ridiculed in school. What is the case if the name you’ve been imagining is already in use? What happens if it’s considered to be a joke in France or offends religious people?

You can try typing “fashion blogger name” into Google or Bing and then try one of the many name generators that automatically generate names. However, the names you receive are “wooden” and include options such as “Magenta of Fun” or “Dream and Glide”. But this is your blog and that’s sufficient! Don’t worry, because I have five amazing concepts for your consideration. However, first, we must to be able to comprehend some essential practicalities and technical issues.

You’re looking for a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember to ensure that people do not be forced the need to inquire of their most sophisticated acquaintances “how can you pronounce this” on the phone! Names that aren’t common or unusual are hard to spell and they may not catch the attention of your friends. Complex and long names aren’t recommended due to this reason. When your website is hosted on a standard site there is more flexibility with respect to the name being not being used by anyone else. However, if you use specialized engines, like Wordpress or Blogspot the URL will be very long in the end.

To get to the point here are my recommendations for fashion bloggers who are aspiring!

  1. A clever combination of your name.For instance Tina Tattler could become TinTan, TiplusTat. Don’t make the simple “TinasBlog”.
  2. Functional name: This is my style. It is simple and straightforward.Choose a simple name to describe the topic you’d like to write about. Make sure to share your blog with a couple of friends to avoid embarrassing mistakes! If knitting is your thing , look up “theknittingblog” or similar.
  3. Romantic names: You might recall that the 80s pop groups named themselves after romantic terms, mostly taken from French and English, such as Visage, Depeche Mode.So, why not choose an oblique word or two and make it a little more manly with a touch of fashion? For instance, “ultraromance” or “argentente”. Utilize accents, apostrophes and other characters from the continent however the heavier ones such as ae CPS, ae, etc. are best utilized in the following few naming concepts.
  4. Swedish I am a sucker for the simple Swedish design . Sometimes, I shop at Ikea I’m guilt-free!Picking an Scandinavian name is a lot of amusement. Explore Swedish sounds and then include the odd characters that I mentioned earlier since Ikea is a good example! It is easy to come up with interesting words like “bCPSrenbrulla” and “sfaonjorgen”. You can’t miss!
  5. Goth Perhaps you’re looking to be able to spot all those hidden Goths in the world or perhaps you’re a hidden Goth yourself?The use of strange characters, which is common in heavy metal bands is beneficial. You can make use of Middle-English as a base, and combine this with references to the metal, such like “glennsheilock” and, in general be sure to channel your Inner Goth.

Can’t seem to locate an address? The internet is borderless for those of you who are girl! Why, “borderlessinternet”, actually that sounds actually like a great name for a fashion blog!